lunes, 17 de agosto de 2009

Urban cultures

Rockers: the music rock many styles stem, and each of these has his(her,your) followers and his(her,your) culture.

Punks: the aggressive mas, live protesting for everything, his(her,your) way of dressing is showy for his(her,your) jackets with correct, his(her,your) jeans torn(broken) and painted with his(her,your) symbols of anarchy and his(her,your) major symbol this one in his(her,your) head with a stopped well comb and of color, these podrian to be the vicious mas

Rapers: podria to be a great brotherhood, they are boys of humble origin, of there the motto of " street rap " because it(he,she) is of the street by which they inspire to compose his(her,your) lyric ones in these express his(her,your) big feelings towards dear persons, towards his(her,your) neighborhood and for his(her,your) country, also they express the hatred against those who oppress(press) them, steal them, it(he,she) exploits them and they govern badly. His(her,your) way of dressing podria to call extravagantly since very big clothes use, of showy colors and many jewels, in the videoes they work out surrounded with good old women.

The Rastafarian movement [1] is a sociocultural movement that considers the emperor of Ethiopia Haile Selassie [2] I, before called the Prince Evenness Tafari (in Amharico), Christ's incarnation in his(her,your) God's character as King, to Marcus Garvey as Christ's incarnation in his(her,your) God's character as Prophet and to the Prince Emmanuel Charles Edwards as Christ's reincarnation in his(her,your) God's character as Supreme Priest, shaping of this form a Holy
Trinidad. Another fundamental prop is the reading of the sacred book of the tradition Ethiopian, graduate Kebra Nagast, [3] and the recovery of the panafricanismo (the recovery of unit of the descendants of Africans oppressed(pressed) during the recent history).